Pennsylvania Cracks Down on Nursing Home Abuse

Pennsylvania’s Department of Health is cracking down after a shocking report last year that elder abuse throughout the state’s thousands of nursing homes goes largely unnoticed and unpunished.

The Department was forced to act swiftly and decisively after nonprofit Community Legal Services uncovered that 92% of complaints of nursing home abuse to the health department were dismissed. Many cases that were actually followed up were reclassified as minor, even when residents were seriously injured or killed. After much bad press and blowback from the report, the Department has launched an aggressive initiative of inspections and enforcement.

Increased Fines and Enforcement Actions in Pennsylvania Nursing Homes

Compared to last year, fines issued by state inspectors are up 200 percent and enforcement actions are up 160 percent. The state has also formed a dedicated task force to focus strictly on elder abuse issues in Pennsylvania nursing homes.

Spokespeople for Community Legal Services and other observers were optimistic that increased scrutiny among state care facilities would greatly reduce instances of elder abuse and neglect.

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