Elder Abuse Takes Many Forms

Elderly Florida Man May Have Died of Sun Exposure at Nursing Home Facility

A shocking case of possible elder abuse and neglect made headlines recently when a senior living in a Florida nursing home may have died due to excessive exposure to the sun.  Reports of the incident suggest that the man, Wilbert Henry Moten, 65, had been left outside his rehabilitation and nursing care center for hours in the sun, where he suffered second-degree burns with blisters and became severely dehydrated. Police later learned Moten had gone into cardiac failure and died.

While the investigation into the circumstances surrounding Moten's death is ongoing, the case offers a useful if tragic reminder that elder abuse and neglect comes in many forms, some more unexpected than others. 

Elder Abuse Affects 10 Percent of American Elders

According to the latest research, nearly 10 percent of all elders in the United States suffer some form of abuse and neglect. Many of these aging citizens reside in nursing home or assisted care facilities where every aspect of their lives resides in the hands of medical professionals and care support personnel. While nursing homes have a legal obligation to uphold a reasonable standard of care for residents, these standards are not unfortunately always met. 

Burns and dehydration due to excessive sun exposure is a rare form of abuse and neglect. More common types include neglect of care, financial exploitation, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse.

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